African Cities Research

Project/Research Name: African Cities Research Project Areas.  Nairobi Objective. To generate evidence that will help improve the living conditions, services and life chances of all city residents, particularly for communities living in the informal settlement. Project timeline. 1year (Oct.2021-2022) Funding. IIED Notes Possibilty of a 4year extension for implementation after the research phase is completed.
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Voices of Just Climate Action

Project Areas. 3 Counties(Nairobi,Kisumu and Nakuru) Objective. An expanded civic space where civil society voices, in particular those of indigenous/marginalised people are heard on climate action. Project Timeline. 5Year (2021-2025) Funding. WWF -Netherland   3.Project/Research Name: KYCTv Program Project Areas. All programs Objective. A KYCTv media school that will document stories of informal settlements Project […]
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Youth Impact Lab

1.Project/Research Name: Youth Impact Lab Project Areas. Mathare ,Mukuru,Huruma and Kibera Objective. To generate a Theory of transformation for the youth in the informal settlements of Nairobi. Project Timeline. 4 months (Oct 2021 – Jan 2022) Funding. Master Card foundation Notes High probability of Funding of a youth project.
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Safe and Inclusive Cities

Project/Research Name: Safe and Inclusive Cities Project Areas. Mathare,Huruma,Mukuru,Kisumu:Nyalenda and Kondele Objective. Strengthening  civil society organizations to influence urban governance and development processes and contribute to making cities safe and inclusive for young women and men Project Timeline. 5year (Jan2018-Jan2022) Funding. PLAN – Kenya Notes. Project activities were facilitated till the year Dec 2021. Project […]
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